In a word : Commitment
New Zealand is globally recognised as a clean, green and unpolluted source of primary production. It's farming, forestry and fisheries are acclaimed worldwide for their premium quality and are highly sought after.

Claridges Organic, in our 2 1 years of operation, has built a strong reputation for quality by paying close attention to all aspects of the growing, processing and marketing of our products. We are commited to maintaining this reputation to the highest standards possible. Claridges Organic is Certified Organic under
Bio-Gro New Zealand and hence to IFOAM , the world organics body.

Claridges Organic Green
Barley and Wheat Leaf products represent New Zealand at it's best. The crops are grown on a mature organic farm owned and operated by a farming family that has won acclaim with both the organic and conventional farming communities.

Our quality control system enables us to
track the barley and wheat products that we grow and process not only to the farm but to the individual paddock in which it was grown.